If you no longer have a TV receiver, you can either submit a written deregistration to Radiotjänst i Kiruna AB, or simply telephone our Customer Service. Simply stop paying bills is not enough to cancellation.

State your customer or personal number, name and we also would like to know the reason for your deregistration.

Do you want to deregistrate due to moving to a household that already pay the radio and TV fee or the fee payer are deceased, you can do it directly on the web if you log in to My pages.

A deregistration cannot be made for back in time (special rules apply in cases of persons deceased). If you have not received a written confirmation of your deregistration within 2-3 weeks, please contact Customer Service.

A deregistration can result in a repayment of funds since the radio and TV fee is paid in advance. Radiotjänst do not repay amounts below SEK 150.

You can read more about cancellation in 11 § of the Act on Financing of Radio and Television in the service of the public.

Varning för falsk uppringning

Vid några tillfällen under den senaste tiden har någon som uppgett att de är från Radiotjänst kontaktat hushåll och påstått att de ska börja betala radio- och tv-avgift. Samtalen kan uppfattas som otrevliga och t o m hotfulla.

Detta är inte samtal från Radiotjänst.

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Public service leaflet

Public service leaflet with information from Radiotjänst, SVT, SR and UR. (pdf)


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Massa bra tv utan avbrott

En ny och enkel webbtv-tjänst för alla som älskar tv.

Sommar i P1

Lyssna på årets sommarvärdar igen.

Tv som förändrar

Se serien som kastar sig tillbaka i nutidshistorien i jakt på tv:s mest banbrytande program.

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Thousand and one thanks!

We who enjoy independent radio and TV have many reasons to thank those who are contributing by paying their radio and TV fees. So now we give thanks in all ways possible.