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Who has to pay the radio and TV fee?

ANSWER: Every household and company that owns, rents or borrows a television receiver in Sweden has to pay a radio and TV fee.

According to 2a § of the Act on Financing of Radio and Television in the service of the public.

  • You must pay the radio and TV fee even if you don´t watch SVT's channels.
  • You must pay the radio and TV fee even if you using only the TV to play games or watch movies.
  • You must pay the radio and TV fee even if you have bad reception.

A single radio and TV fee is payable for all receivers in one and the same household. The definition of a household includes a second home (holiday/weekend cottage), caravan or temporary accomodation elsewhere.

Students living away from home, registered as residents where they are studying, must pay a separate radio and TV fee.

Subtenants must also pay the radio and TV fee. If a TV receiver is included in the sublet, the person who has access to the TV receiver is required by law to register with Radiotjänst.

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Deregistration/cancellation - what are the rules?

ANSWER: If you no longer have a TV receiver, you can either submit a written deregistration to Radiotjänst i Kiruna AB, or telephone our Customer Service. Simply stop paying bills is not enough reason for deregistration.

State your customer or personal number and name. We would also like to know the reason for your deregistration.

Do you want to deregistrate because you moved to a household that already pays the radio and TV fee or when the fee payer is deceased, you can do it directly on the web if you log in to My pages.

A deregistration cannot be made for back in time (special rules apply if a person is deceased).

If you have not received a written confirmation of your deregistration within 2-3 weeks, please contact Customer Service.

A deregistration can result in a repayment of funds since the radio and TV fee is paid in advance. Radiotjänst do not repay amounts below SEK 150.

You can read more about cancellation in 11 § of the Act on Financing of Radio and Television in the service of the public.

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When do I begin paying the radio and TV fee?

ANSWER: You must begin paying your radio and TV fee to Radiotjänst no later than 15 days after you have acquired a TV receiver, according to 8 § of the Act on Financing of Radio and Television in the service of the public.

The easiest way to notify us is directly on our website. You can also telephone Customer Service, daytime, at 0771-91 00 04, or 24-hours to our automatic telephone answering machine at 020-91 00 00. Our address is Radiotjänst i Kiruna AB, 981 80 Kiruna.

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How much is the radio and TV fee, and how is the money used?

ANSWER: The radio and TV fee is 2 076 SEK/year. The fee has been the same since 2009.

This is how much you pay:

  •   SEK 173 (pay every month via Autogiro/direct debit)
  •   SEK 519 (pay 4 times/year)
  •   SEK 692 (pay 3 times/year)
  • SEK 1 038 (pay 2 times/year)
  • SEK 2 076 (pay once/year)

The radio and TV fee finances public service, the program companies of:

  • Sveriges Television (SVT)
  • Sveriges Radio (SR)
  • Sveriges Utbildningsradio (UR, educational broadcasting)
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What is a television receiver?

ANSWER: The term "television receiver" includes for example:

  • TV sets
  • Digital TV-selector
  • Computers with a TV-card
  • DVD player with channel selector
  • Video recorders/video cameras with channel selector
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