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If you no longer have a TV receiver, you can either submit a written deregistration to Radiotjänst i Kiruna AB, or call our Customer Service. Simply stop paying bills is not enough for deregistration.

You deregistrate by calling 0771-91 00 04 or contact us here. State your name, customer- or personal identity number. We would also like to know the reason for your deregistration.

A deregistration cannot be made back in time (special rules applies if a person is deceased).

A deregistration can result in repayment of funds since the radio and TV fee is paid in advance. Radiotjänst do not repay amounts below SEK 150.

Deregistration on My pages

Do you want to deregister due to moving to a household that already pays the radio and TV fee? Then you have to be registered at the new address. You also have to state the customer or personal identity number of the person who pays the fee in the household you are moving to.

When the fee payer is deceased and when no one is taking over the tv-receiver, you can deregister directly on the web if you log in to My pages.

If you do not receive a written confirmation of your deregistration within 2-3 weeks, please contact Customer Service.

You can read more about deregistration in 11 § of the Act on Financing of public service radio and television.