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Information for students

Since the radio and TV fee is regulated by law and applies for everyone, we do not have the possibility of offering any rebates, such as student discounts.

You are usually required to be nationally registered where you are studying

If you move in order to study at a university or college, you are usually required to be nationally registered in the municipality where you are studying. This is governed by Folkbokföringslagen (the Swedish Population Registration Act, SFS1991:481).

Students that have a TV receiver and are registered in the municipality where they are studying are required to pay their own radio and TV fee even if they are subletting a flat. Students under 18 that are attending gymnasiet, are considered living at home as a part of their parents’/legal guardians’ household, even if they are studying elsewhere.

Boarding houses and students´ hostels

If a company has a boarding house/students’ hostel, such as a student corridor, and the company has provided a TV receiver in a common assembly room, it is the company who is required to pay the radio and TV fee for this TV receiver.


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