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The Swedish parliament has decided to replace the current radio and TV fee with a general public service fee as of 1 January 2019. Read about payment and invoices down below.

The radio and TV fee was SEK 2 400/year until 31 December 2018. 

  • SEK 200 (per month)
  • SEK 600 (4 times/year)
  • SEK 800 (3 times/year)
  • SEK 1 200 (twice a year)
  • SEK 2 400 (once a year) 

Don´t be late

Radiotjänst will send two reminders if you forget to pay the radio and TV fee on time. We will charge SEK 75 for the first reminder and 40% of the original invoice amount for the second reminder. If you still don´t pay the invoice will be sent to the Swedish enforcement authority (Kronofogden) for collection.

Swedish Enforcement Authority fees costs 600 SEK extra. If your invoice is a matter for collection, you must pay the debt to the Enforcement Authority.

Go to the Swedish Enforcement Authority

Other payment methods 

Direct debit (Autogiro) - if you pay with direct debit and there is no money on your account, Radiotjänst will send you a payment reminder. You must pay the reminder with the paying-in slip. Following transactions will be drawn as normal. Please note that you no longer can apply for direct debit, since the radio and TV fee will be replaced. 

If you pay with direct debit and change your bank or your account, please contact your bank. 

E-invoice - If you pay by electronic invoice and miss a payment, a payment reminder will be sent as a paper invoice to you. 

Please note that due to the closure of the radio and TV fee you can no longer apply for direct debit or e-invoice.

Apply for respite 

You can no longer apply for respite due to the closure of the radio and TV fee. 

Payment plan 

If you have a payment plan your invoice has been split so you can pay it little by little. You have received several payment forms where each form has a separate last day of payment. Radiotjänst do not send any reminders if you have a payment plan. 

Please note that due to the closure of the radio and TV fee your payment plan may have been cancelled. Contact customer service if you have any questions or need help with your invoices.