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Most people pay their radio and TV fee quarterly. You can also pay three times a year, twice a year or once a year.

The radio and TV fee is SEK 2 400/year from January 1st 2018.

  • SEK 200 (pay every month via Autogiro/direct debit)
  • SEK 600 (pay 4 times/year)
  • SEK 800 (pay 3 times/year)
  • SEK 1 200 (pay twice a year)
  • SEK 2 400 (pay once a year)

You can change the number of payments at My pages or by contacting our customer service.

You can pay your radio and TV fee with electronic invoice. If you want to pay once a month you must choose direct debit (autogiro).

Don´t be late

Radiotjänst will send two reminders if you forget to pay the radio and TV fee on time. We will charge SEK 75 for the first reminder and 40% of the original invoice amount for the second reminder. If you still don´t pay the invoice will be sent to the Swedish enforcement authority (Kronofogden) for collection.

Swedish Enforcement Authority fees costs 600 SEK extra. If your invoice is a matter for collection, you must pay the debt to the Enforcement Authority.

Go to the Swedish Enforcement Authority