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Direct debit

If you choose to pay with direct debit your radio and TV fee will be drawn from your account by Radiotjänst on the agreed date. You can choose to pay monthly, every fourth month, quarterly, twice a year or yearly. The service direct debit is free of charge.

To pay with direct debit you need either a Swedish bank account or a post account. Contact our customer service at 0771-910004 or get an application form here (pdf - in Swedish). To read the document you need Adobe Reader. It is available as a no-charge download from Adobe's web site. Download Adobe Reader here.

If you receive an invoice from us before your direct debit has been activated you should pay this as usual. We will send you a confirmation when your direct debit has been accepted. The confirmation looks like a normal invoice but with a blank bill.

After you have been accepted as a direct debit customer, Radiotjänst will notify you only if any changes are being made to the radio and TV fee. We will not send you notification of each separate transaction.

Some banks make their credit checks the day before the due date, so make sure there are sufficient funds on this date. If there are not sufficient funds, Radiotjänst will send you an invoice for the amount plus a late payment fee. This should be paid as usual. You will continue to be a direct debit customer and the next payment will be drawn from your account.

If you change your due date while setting up a direct debit account, your first transaction will be slightly higher to compensate for any differences. Following transactions will be as normal.