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Payment plan

You can change your last day for payment, apply for respite or set up a payment plan at My pages. You can also call customer service at 0771-91 00 04.

Change last day for payment

You can choose which day of the month you will pay your Radio and TV fee. Your first invoice after the change will have a longer invoice period, and therefore the amount on that invoice will be slightly higher. The total annual fee is not affected by the change.

Apply for respite

If it is difficult for you to pay an invoice, you can apply for respite and we will then change the last day of payment for this specific invoice.

Payment plan

With a payment plan we split your invoice so you can pay it little by little. You will get several payment forms where each form has a separate last day of payment.  Radiotjänst do not send any reminders if you have a payment plan.