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Radio and TV fee

The radio and TV fee funds the public service TV and radio channels of Sveriges Television (SVT), Sveriges Radio and Sveriges Utbildningsradio (Swedish Educational Broadcasting Company, UR).

Thanks to the radio and TV fee, the public service companies are able to broadcast interesting, good, fun, serious, long, short, exciting or important programs, independent from political and commercial influence.

The radio and TV fee is 2 400 SEK per year, or 200 SEK per month (from January 1st 2018).

Who is obliged to pay the radio and TV fee?

All households and companies that own, rent or borrow a TV receiver are obliged to pay the radio and TV fee. It doesn't matter what channels you watch, it´s the possession of a TV-receiver that counts. Your fee covers all receivers in one and the same household. The definition of a household includes a second home (holiday/weekend cottage), caravan or temporary accommodation elsewhere.

What is a television receiver?

The term "television receiver" includes:

  • TV set
  • Digital box
  • Video camera with channel selector
  • DVD player with channel selector
  • Computer with a TV-card

The radio and TV fee is not included in the fee charged for cable or satellite TV.