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Fee inspection

Radiotjänst conducts fee inspection daily by telephone, letters and household visits. Our inspection activities are also an effective way to inform people about public service and the radio and TV fee.

Registration of family members

The radio and TV fee applies to all family members in a household. It may happen that for example your partner and/or living-at-home children over 18 will be contacted by us and to avoid this you can co-register your adult family members. Radiotjänst uses the Swedish population and address register (SPAR) and we always check with the them to make sure we do not contact households where one of the partners already pays the radio and TV fee.

At My pages you can register those people included in your household so that they are covered by your fee.

Radio and TV fee inspections

Our fee inspectors contact private persons and companies who do not pay the radio and TV fee. The visits are a good opportunity for us to inform about the radio and TV fee and public service.

The inspectors use a list of those who already pay the radio and TV fee, and those not on the list are quite simply paid a visit. Our inspectors always show a personal Radiotjänst photo ID. They are not allowed to enter the household, not even if they are invited in. Neither do they accept or handle any money when visiting. Instead, they document the information, which is sent to the head office in Kiruna. There the decision is made whether one is required to pay the radio and TV fee, and if so, the invoice will arrive within a couple of weeks