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Public service

It might not always be obvious to us how important it is to have radio and tv, independent from commercial and political influence. Now when the media landscape develops faster than ever, more and more stakeholders want to influence what is being broadcasted. Public service strives to match this progress by beeing an even more distinct independent and credible voice.

The radio and TV fee allows creating broad and popular programs such as Melodifestivalen and Morgonpasset as well as narrow programs such as Babel, news in 16 different languages or programs for children with hearing disorder. Basically it´s about everyone having the right to take part of radio and tv that is interesting och enriching. Regardless of age, education or residency. That´s why your contribution is so important.

9 out of 10 households in Sweden are paying the radio and TV fee. It might not be so remarkable to just comply with the law and literally it is just an ordinary household-bill. But above all they contribute to Sveriges Radio, Sveriges Television and UR being able to provide radio and TV without having to consider anybody but the audience.

What is Public Service?

Sveriges Radio, SVT and UR goes by the common concept of public service. Their assignment is issued by the Swedish Parliament and the Government. In the prelude to the current charter it is stated that "The operation should bear the stamp of independence and high integrity and should be conducted autonomously to the State, commercial and political interests or power structures in the society.

The programs and the distribution should be performed with high quality. But public service itself is not only a quality concept but also consists of a number of equal important components:

• Ownership – the three public service companies are owned by a trust.
• The executive boards in the public service companies do not have any members with political connection.
• The funding model with a radio and TV fee makes a direct connection to the audience
• A charter that regulates the public service companies´assignment.
• The principles of impartiality and objectiveness.