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Proposal to replace the radio and TV fee

A committee has, on behalf of the Swedish government, investigated alternative funding systems for public service in the future. The main proposal suggests a transfer from today's household-based radio and tv fee to an earmarked individual tax.

After the proposal has been processed in the council, the government has submitted a proposition to the Parliament and a possible parliamentary decision may take place in November 2018. The timing of a possible change is proposed to be January 1 2019 but this date may change. 

Current regulation apply just as usual. All households and companies that have a television receiver are required by law to pay the radio and television fee. If the Parliament decides on new legislation, your fee will be terminated automatically on 31/12 2018. If you have already paid for a period after 31/12 2018, you will be refunded for the part you paid for 2019. This will be done automatically, so you do not need to contact Radiotjänst. 

In connection with a possible parliamentary decision, all concerned will receive detailed information about the change. Visit radiotjanst.se from time to time to stay up to date on what's happening in the process ahead.